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Helping people like you find a good place to come home to…that’s our specialty at R.P. Fox & Associates. What’s our secret? Years of experience, dedication to quality work and service, and sought-after locations.

We’ve been around. Incorporated in 1975 by Ronald P. Fox, R.P. Fox & Associates spent its early years acquiring, improving, renting and selling Oak Park properties. In addition, time and capital were invested into converting the Carleton Hotel from a residential hotel to its current boutique-style facility. In 1995, the reins of the company were passed on to son Michael, who has spent the past 10 years focusing on the growth of R.P. Fox and its affiliates. Enough growth to provide you with lots of choices without getting lost in the crowd. And he’s done just that, increasing the company portfolio from 50 to 1,000 apartments, half of which have been sold as condominiums. There’s one perfect for you.

We deliver the best. Whether it’s building a town home from the ground up, updating a condominium or preserving the vintage charm of an apartment complex, quality materials and workmanship are a top priority.

We choose great neighborhoods. Although our hub is Oak Park, home to world-famous architecture, arts, parks and a thriving retail and small business community, we handle properties in the Chicago metro area from as far north as Evanston and as far south as Hyde Park. All are in communities that offer diverse leisure and entertainment opportunities, with easy access to the rest of Chicagoland.

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4620-22 N Racine
4620-22 N Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL
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Lions Gate Condominiums
1118-1130 Washington 336-344 S. Maple
Oak Park, IL
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